Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh My, What A Mess!

I am in an organizing mood. So I decided to go shopping and get organized. Then when I walked into my craft room to see what I need and I realized how much fabric I have! Now this is just fabric I have decided to keep for my self. These are just a few "piles" of cut goods I have, I really need to use them. I just wish I had more time to sew.

Look at all those Jelly Rolls! Now what you don't see is I have the matching Fat Quarter Bundles behind them! Then I have some yardage to use as backing to match some of the designs. So I think I have found someone who wants to sew for me and it turns out I actually know her funny story to come later. When all the details are worked out I will introduce her and show you her work. I think she has super cute things!

Anyways the winner of the Halloween Giveaway is coming today. Also I am going to be posting some free patterns for various projects, showing you some new products for scrapbooking, and posting another giveaway. Just to remind everyone I am still looking for someone to design scrapbooking projects for me. It is great because you can work from home, I send you the materials, and pay you for your work. What could be better?!?

I am thinking I am going to have a contest maybe something like posting pics of a quilt you designed, no pattern used just an original work of your own. Then we will have a vote and who ever wins will get something fabulous! Let me know what you think or if you have other ideas for a contest.

Have a great Sunday and Happy Creating!

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