Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Sunday Cyber Stroll - Womens Headbands, LOVE Them!

To the fashion conscience or should I say fashionista, you will love these fabric headbands from Stylish Mode. Ok, I have to say I am a headband junkie, I have a ton of curly hair and some days the only thing that saves my hair from a bic razor is a super comfortable headband. So I have to say I love this store.

Headbands are becoming more dressy, stylish and fashionable. What I love about them is you can use them to dress up a pair of jeans like these black & white paisley headbands. I am a sucker for paisley print, to me they are timeless, look good in all colors and compliment many other patterns.

These wide headbands are made with 100% soft cotton fabric, they are soft and flexible and MACHINE WASHABLE, LOVE IT! For a mom of three boys that seem to smear every possible left over piece of food on me being able to throw these in the washing machine is perfect.

Now to the best part!! They are only $9.00 each. Seriously, the best headbands ever and one of a kind patterns!

Tune in next week for another edition of My Sunday Cyber Stroll. 
Happy Holidays Sweetwater Lane

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Well I am completely stuffed, and is it wrong I am working on Thanksgiving. Oh well, no rest for the wicked right? Tomorrow is Black Friday, I DO NOT shop on Black Friday, never have and never will. I am slowly becoming addicted to shopping online. I do however like to shop at boutique stores or one of a kind shops locally. I support local businesses, made in the USA, anything handmade and definitely mom shops like mine. With that in mind if you are in the Idaho Falls area like I wish I was, you MUST stop into the Crackleberry Boutique. Love, Love this shop. Somehow every time I go in there I want something and most times everything! Not to mention I have a little spot with some cute originals from Sweetwater Lane. The Crackleberry Boutique is located at 3160 E 17th Street, Suite 170, if you get lost give them a call and you can get directions 208-522-5611. Here is a peak of what their Black Friday sale will be.
Happy Holidays Sweetwater Lane

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh So Excited!

It is on it's way, Hot Chocolate from Fancy Pants. AND...... along with it are some super cute kits that just might end up being given away. This is a big hint, leave a comment and you just might win some product from Fancy Pants new line.

Happy Holidays Sweetwater Lane

More Gift Ideas...

Well I have added more Sweet Scraps Grab Bags to my shop. Since it was just Halloween I have put together some great kits to make those pics of your cute little monsters amazing! The bags are on sale starting at only $15.99 original price $31.99. Don't miss these bags they are selling super fast and I only have a few left. Here is what one of the kits looks like and what it contains:
Halloween Scrapbooking Grab Bag #1 includes:

(1) SEI Halloween Hoopla Haunted Hats 7-9603
(2) SEI Halloween Hoopla Pumpkin Patch 7-9604
(1) SEI Halloween Hoopla Wicked Witch 7-9608
(1) Rusty Pickle Primitive Candy Corn RP507
(1) Rusty Pickle Trick or Treat Words RP500
(2) Rusty Pickle Halloween Stripes RP203
(2) Rusty Pickle Black Squares RP508
(1) Rusty Pickle Buff's Dots RP619
(2) Rusty Pickle Halloween Dots RP204
(1) Daisyd's Trick or Treat #14222
(1) Daisyd's Cardstock Stickers Witching Time Scrolls #14265
(1) Daisyd's Cardstock Stickers Witching Time Accessory Sheet #14262
(1) Daisyd's Rub-on Transfers Witching Time Quotes #14231
(1) American Crafts Thickers Subway Foam Letter Stickers #42917
(1) American Crafts Precision Pen Purple #62325
(1) American Crafts Precision Pen Black #62311

All paper is 12x12 single or double sided cardstock.

Happy Holidays Sweetwater Lane

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get Ready To Shop...........

The dreaded Black Friday (for me atleast) and Cyber Monday is on its way. Check out my list of sites who are having amazing sales. Just click on the link and get to shopping! In addition I will be posting about sales in my little shop and some other shops. Check back every day, leave a comment you never know you could win a prize (hint, hint I would leave a comment if I were you).

So I have put together a ton of Sweet Scraps Grab Bags, well I made my husband spend a Saturday and a Sunday helping me. Two whole days of nothing but scrapbooking everything!  All of the bags will be at least 50% off and then a mega sale where bags will be 80% off. They are all getting put on the site ( I have a ton, so keep checking back). The bags will all be coordinating paper, embellishments, ribbon, and pens. Tons of great product from My Minds Eye, American Crafts, Fancy Pants, Rusty Pickle, and many more.
This My Minds Eye Brilliant Sweet Scraps 1 is a great kit to get for those cute little men in your life. Sometimes it is so hard to find boy themed paper that is not to cutesy. I love this line of paper from My Minds Eye, it was hard for me to sell. I want to keep it all! I never have time to scrapbook anymore but I still wanted to keep it but I am going to sell it and what a great price. The picture represents all or some of the product in the kit. See a complete listing of the product in the kit here. The Sweet Scraps Grab Bag is only $7.00, WOW, I must be crazy. Honestly I think I miss priced this because there is a ton of product for practically nothing.  

This is such a cute shop. I sure wish I had a little girl to put cute little hair bows on. Little Miss Julia is having a great sale for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. All hair accessories are 25% off! I would go nuts if I had a girl, probably good thing I don't. Shop, Shop, Shop because the sale ends Tuesday Nov. 30th. Don't miss out. Use promo code HOLIDAYCM at checkout. 

Well there are some ideas for gifts for your shopping enjoyment. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Even Better Fabric Sale!

All the fabric in the store is now on sale, 5 yards for $25.00! Wow, what could be better. Well winning the lottery, Yes, I know but your odds are better at my store. Anyways take a look, we have all Moda, FreeSpitit, and Andover included in the sale. All you have to do is purchase at least 5 yards total. You can mix and match but your total must be 5 yards or more! So break out that sewing machine, dust if off and get inspired to make some Christmas gifts! Happy Creating.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Sunday Cyber Stroll

Sunday is a great day to relax in front of the computer and check out all the great blogs and products out there in this great big cyber world. I have decided to call it My Sunday Cyber Stroll and I will be doing this every Sunday. I am going to be strolling around the internet looking at great blogs and products I like. So tune in every Sunday to stroll with me and enjoy my great finds.

click to visit Milo's Creations website!
The first shop I am strolling to is called Milo's Creations. This is a super fun shop! She offers dress up costumes for all year round fun.

Not only does she have Girls Dress Up Costumes , but Boy Dress Up Costumes too! I so wish I had found this site prior to this past Halloween. The costumes are so cute and a lot less than I paid for my boys costumes this year.

 But what I particularly liked, well let me explain why first. I have 3 boys! Boys, Boys, Boys!!! Uugghhh, I love them to death but could I get a little pink please, no luck. So back to what I found at her shop. Animal Print Leg Warmers, aahhh these are so cute! These fabulous little things will make your baby or toddler look so super cute. They are made with 100% ringspun cotton and are very comfy. Layer them under skirts, or wear them with shorts to add a little bit of warmth without giving up style. I love the giraffe ones the best. Now I just need a little girl to put them on.
 Don't forget to stroll on over to her blog . It is super cute and love the fact she has 3 boys too!

Ok moving right on. Now I will stroll on over to visit Bibs, Burpies & Beyond.

This store is literally Baby Paradise! You will find all the best gear here, blankets, pacifiers, and everything in between. 
My absolute fav is the Handmade Boutique Nap Mats, not only is it incredibly clever but handmade. I LOVE HANDMADE! Ok I wish I had one of these when I was working and had my first little monster. This nap map is perfect for the working mom. The pillow and blanket are all wrapped up in this bag. This nap map rolls out and provides a plush pillow and soft padding with an attached fleece blanket to make nap time warm and comfy. When you are ready to go just roll it up and attach with Velcro and grab the straps and your off. Super easy, and super affordable. Add some embroidery and it is perfect
She has some great sales going on now, so start shopping and cross off some of those names on that Christmas list of yours!

Well that was fun! Now you have two great new shops to browse around and find some great gifts. Christmas is less than 2 months away and what a better way to fight the traffic and people than to shop online. So support the little shops, support handmade, and support Made in the USA! Happy Shopping.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Announcement, Drum Roll Please!

I am happy to announce I am now offering Personalized Photo Cards in my little shop. It is taking me FOREVER to load all the product but I can say I am about 90% done with the Baby Shower Invitation category.

When I get them all loaded I am going to have a 15% off sale on all the Holiday Cards (coming soon, hopefully tomorrow :) and Gift Stickers.
Those little penguins are so cute, I just want to squeeeeeze them! Anyways take a look at the Baby Shower Invitations and check back tomorrow for all the rest.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Something different, for me atleast........

I was looking at FreeSpirits Blog and they had a project that appealed to me. I am not, what you would say, a trendsetter or into, what I say, "different" styles. I am very traditional, perhaps a little boring. I love a good pair of jeans and a comfy shirt. So when I saw this and I liked it, well it was "different" for me. I am going to make one, someday :)

The pattern is from designer Melissa Peda and her blog is A Hundred Billion Stars, quite original and unique I thought. The pattern is called It's A Wrap Belt and you can download it here.

I was thinking I would use Nouveau Stained Glass Subtle Pink fabric because I love this pattern and color scheme. I have made blankets from this and I just can't get enough. I am also tempted to use Halfway Cafe - Mustard Damask for some reason I think the pattern would compliment this fabric. 

Take a look at these two fabric patterns...

Here are some pics of the actual belt.....

I hope you enjoy the pattern and pics as much as I did. Have fun with it and Happy Creating!