Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Sunday Cyber Stroll - Womens Headbands, LOVE Them!

To the fashion conscience or should I say fashionista, you will love these fabric headbands from Stylish Mode. Ok, I have to say I am a headband junkie, I have a ton of curly hair and some days the only thing that saves my hair from a bic razor is a super comfortable headband. So I have to say I love this store.

Headbands are becoming more dressy, stylish and fashionable. What I love about them is you can use them to dress up a pair of jeans like these black & white paisley headbands. I am a sucker for paisley print, to me they are timeless, look good in all colors and compliment many other patterns.

These wide headbands are made with 100% soft cotton fabric, they are soft and flexible and MACHINE WASHABLE, LOVE IT! For a mom of three boys that seem to smear every possible left over piece of food on me being able to throw these in the washing machine is perfect.

Now to the best part!! They are only $9.00 each. Seriously, the best headbands ever and one of a kind patterns!

Tune in next week for another edition of My Sunday Cyber Stroll. 
Happy Holidays Sweetwater Lane

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